Hello blog readers, travel startups, and backpackers!

Welcome to the I Heart Backpackers Blog.  This blog has been started for a number of reasons.  First off, it is meant to promote and chronicle the progress of my backpacking travel business http://www.Iheartbackpackers.com .  Second, good advice for beginning and  marketing a travel company is hard to come by these days… especially when on a budget.  This blog is meant as a forum for those who may have suggestions and wish to help with the development of this company as well as for those who are struggling with their own travel related business and in need of some inspiration.  Third, for backpackers of course!  I will be posting helpful backpack travel related links and articles that can assist travelers on their journey worldwide.  Fourth, but not least, articles I’ve written on my travels and traveling in general.

I hope, although covering a wide variety of topics and interests, that some may appreciate and find this journal useful.  And if not, I know I’ll still reap the benefits of archiving my journey of self discovery and the world.  Enjoy!


2 responses to “Hello blog readers, travel startups, and backpackers!

  1. I really love this blog, but more than that, I like this idea. You seem like you have the chance to really take this into great territory. I worked with a company very similar to what you’re doing, except it operates as a non-profit and caters to high school students. It was very successful though, and was a truly great environment.

    I’m going to be writing a post on small travel companies soon, and I will DEFINITELY include yours, because it’s exactly the kind of small business that I think really benefits from social media.

    Contact me if you have any ideas on how I can best capture your business model.

  2. Great blog content for all travel start-ups. Thanks for the advice!

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