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I’ve got the skinny for those small business owners that have seen the commercials for   The concept is great: a place that simplifies the process of making websites while keeping it cheap and affordable.

I spent hours searching through the templates and to tell you the truth I was not all that impressed.  It looked as if some of them were made in haste and others were just really ugly and impractical.  I have to say that they do cater to a variety of different businesses such as restaurants, lawn care, medicine, etc.  My suggestion to you is to use Intuit and pay them to design you a custom website.  They don’t charge much and you wont have to spend your time trying to figure out how to customize the templates.  When speaking to a rep over there they even informed me that they did have SEO options and that although they are not allowed to guarantee anything, it would after three months give you top results in search engine rankings.


Hello blog readers, travel startups, and backpackers!

Welcome to the I Heart Backpackers Blog.  This blog has been started for a number of reasons.  First off, it is meant to promote and chronicle the progress of my backpacking travel business .  Second, good advice for beginning and  marketing a travel company is hard to come by these days… especially when on a budget.  This blog is meant as a forum for those who may have suggestions and wish to help with the development of this company as well as for those who are struggling with their own travel related business and in need of some inspiration.  Third, for backpackers of course!  I will be posting helpful backpack travel related links and articles that can assist travelers on their journey worldwide.  Fourth, but not least, articles I’ve written on my travels and traveling in general.

I hope, although covering a wide variety of topics and interests, that some may appreciate and find this journal useful.  And if not, I know I’ll still reap the benefits of archiving my journey of self discovery and the world.  Enjoy!